Wednesday, July 16, 2008

All-Star Game Grammar!

OK, I've been watching the All-Star Game since about 8 PM tonight. It was really, really cool to see all the older baseball players out on the field at Yankee Stadium--quite the classy pre-game ceremony. And now it's 12:35 AM...and I'm still watching the game. It's 3-3 in the top of the 12th. I'm rooting for the National League because I'm a Phillies girl...despite the fact that over the past 48 hours, I've become convinced that there are actually more attractive ballplayers in the American League than in the National League. It's been an exciting game (and will be even more exciting if the NL can pull of a win, since I believe it'll be their first win in 12 years, or something like that!)...and it's been a freakin' factory of eye candy. That's why I'm posting so late tonight--because I haven't been able to focus on anything grammar-related when guys like Chase Utley, Josh Hamilton, and Joe Mauer have been stepping up to the plate. (On the topic of attractive ballplayers, after watching tonight's game, I've decided that in terms of looks, Derek Jeter and Grady Sizemore are completely overrated. I seriously cannot figure out why all the ladies love them. Someone enlighten me, please!)

Oh, right. Back to the grammar. (Throw a bunch of cute baseball players in my line of sight and I become completely unfocused. Clearly, men in pinstripes and baseball caps are a severe weakness of mine.) So check out this little excerpt from an article about this year's All-Star lineup...

Not only does that paragraph totally not fit where it was placed in the article, but Pedroia manages to sound like an idiot. He starts out with a sentence fragment that obviously answers a question...but the article doesn't give us a clue what that question is. And then the second sentence of Pedroia's quote just sounds kinda dumb: "That's the biggest thing because a lot of the guys I don't know." Uhhh...might it sound better phrased like "That's the biggest thing [for me] because I don't know a lot of the guys"? Okay, I get it--he's a baseball player, not a grammarian. But he can still think before he opens his mouth, right?

(Note: It's 12:56 AM. The game is still tied. It's the bottom of the 13th inning. I have never wanted a baseball game to end so much as I want this one to end so that I can go the hell to bed!)

(Second note: I stayed up to watch the whole game, but was too damn tired to come back here and express my displeasure at the American League winning yet another All-Star Game. It is now Wednesday morning, and I'm still a little cranky about it. At least the NL put forth a valiant effort this year...except for Dan "the error man" Uggla and Billy Wagner. Sigh.)

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