Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Remember the a la mode!

Ugh. It's more of the same sort of hyphenation omission that I posted about last week... This should say vanilla hand-dipped ice cream (actually, it would sound even better if it said hand-dipped vanilla ice cream...). But the real kicker is this "Apple Pie Alamo" thing, which I strongly suspect is a mistranslation of apple pie a la mode. Whatever--American landmark, French phrase...same thing, right? *rolls eyes*

Thanks to MEG for submitting this one. It's MEG'S birthday today...instead of buying her a present, why not go buy yourself one of her pieces of pottery? She makes really cool stuff, so go check it out!


Mike Spoodles said...

Hahahahaha, amazing! That's more than a simple mistake, too. Somebody went through life thinking "pie alamo" was correct. Maybe they even ordered it. Silly!


This mistake reminds me of another similar error that I have heard often (but unfortunately not seen in print anywhere)--calling a rum and Coke a "Roman Coke." Sigh.

Carlos said...

I wonder if Apple Pie Alamo is simply a menu gimmick used by a restauarant here in San Antonio, the Alamo City. I wouldn't be surprised.

It's Your Damned Language


I believe the pictrue was taken somewhere in either central PA or West Virginia. That's my best guess, based on my knowledge of where Meg (who submitted the picture) goes...I'm pretty sure this isn't actually from anywhere in Texas. :) It would probably be a clever little pun if this WAS from somewhere in Texas, but since it was found elsewhere, I'm going to concur that it's just a silly mistake.