Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Poetic justice, indeed!

As a creative writing minor who wrote a lot of poetry in college, I am perversely satisfied by how the kids who vandalized Robert Frost's house were forced to attend classes about his poetry. I don't usually advocate poetry as a punishment, of course, because it's so NOT a punishment to read good poetry (making people read shitty poetry would be a fabulous punishment, though), but in this case, I'm amused by this tactic. However, I am not satisfied by how the person who wrote this article forgot tiny but essential words such as "he" and "a" in certain sentences. Sigh.

I don't normally link to articles that I rip on here, but since I didn't rip on these mistakes too badly and because I think this story is particularly interesting, here you go: Enjoy!


Suzie said...

That is definitely poetic justice at its finest! Thanks for linking the article, Nikki! :)


Glad you enjoyed it, Suzie! Tonight is the night I'll be taking a picture of some potty poetry for you, by the way! :) (Let's hope nobody scrubbed down the bathroom walls at the movie theatre since the last time I was there, haha.)