Sunday, June 29, 2008

The moving process is over; now it's back to the grammar grind!

It's been a hell of a week, and I'm just now getting back into the swing of things. After several crazy days of packing/transporting/arranging stuff, I'm now all moved in to my new (bigger!) apartment that's in a much better location (not only is it much closer to work, but it's also much closer to the mall...whee!). The Phillies and music paraphernalia is nicely displayed, the new closet is stuffed with fabulous shoes and handbags, and all electronic equipment now seems to be in working order...which is quite a feat considering that I had SO much stuff to move over here, it took 3 wireless routers to make my internet work properly, and my cell phone got NO service at my new place (which means I now have a snazzy new phone to mess around with because I had to change my phone the middle of the moving process). Moving sucks, kiddos. Avoid it when you can. (I chose not to avoid it because I wanted a bigger place, a quicker commute to work, and fewer crazy people in the vicinity of my place.) But it's all good now, and I'm settling in nicely (thanks, MAMA and PAPA GRAMMARPHILE--you guys are the BEST, and I promise I won't be moving anywhere else anytime soon). And by "settling in," I also mean "gearing up to post more cool stuff here." I've been accumulating quite the collection of amusing pictures (thanks to those of you who have been sending me stuff lately!), so keep checkin' back; updates will be posted regularly now that I'm not hauling carload after carload of stuff across town.

The above picture was sent in by SHANNON, who notes that Cingular can't even spell Cingular correctly. I've noticed lately that there's a lot of things Cingular can't do--like get me decent cell phone service in my new place!--so I'm not too surprised that someone that Cingular hired is slightly spelling-impaired!

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