Monday, June 30, 2008

Feliz cumpleanos!

This little gem came from JUSTIN, who writes: "I love how the author criticized the staff for their apparent lack of English mastery...compared to HER grip on the language, they must have been REALLY bad!"

I didn't even red pen all of the silly things wrong with this piece (I would have been here all damn day), just the major ones...but my favorite part of this is the writer's annoyance at how she and her boyfriend were asked three times to "repet" their order. Tee-hee!

I also love how this person goes to an authentic Mexican restaurant and is surprised that the staff there speaks as though English is their second language. I mean, duh... Maybe next time she wants Mexican food she'll choose Qdoba or Chipotle, where she's more likely to talk to staff whose first language is English--and, not surprisingly, the cuisine is rather Americanized and far less authentic than the restaurant she visited and criticized!

It's JUSTIN'S birthday today. Go visit his blog and leave him a nice comment! Happy birthday, JUSTIN--thanks for being a great friend and a frequent reader of Red Pen, Inc. :)


JD said...

If the food is "delicious" and the service is questionable, would you really give a restaurant only two stars? I mean, priorities...

By the way, I really hate it when people say 'this is country X and in country X we speak language X'. Obviously not, or else you wouldn't be moaning!

I also really worry for the author of the review if she ever goes abroad. 'I had to tell them my order five times, really slowly and loudly, and they still didn't understand me...'


There are a LOT of things about this chick's priorities/viewpoints that are out of whack... (It's no wonder so many people from other countries think Americans are assholes when they see people acting like THAT!)