Friday, May 2, 2008


There's a particular site I enjoy reading...not for the juicy gossip, mind you, but for the plethora of grammar and spelling mistakes. I won't say whose site it is, but I will say it would be appropriate to call this blogger not the Queen of All Media, but instead...the Queen of All Grammar/Spelling Snafus.

I get it...he made a typo. He meant to say yacht, but he transposed two letters. But seriously, doesn't yatch look and sound like a dirty word? Think it in your head, then say it aloud. Yatch. Yatch. YATCH. It sounds kinda gross, doesn't it? And it's 3 AM here, and I'm kinda giggly, and I don't mind a little bit of sophomoric humor in the wee hours of the morning. I'm totally smirking at the idea of somebody's yatch getting repossessed. I have such a warped little mind.


Mike Spoodles said...

Waitwaitwait. Let me give this a shot.

I'm gonna kick ya in the yatch.

No, yeah. You're totally right. That's a naughty one fo' sho.


This (pseudo-)word cracks me the hell up. I might try randomly inserting it into a couple conversations while I'm at work today to see if I get any funny looks...

Renée said...

I was thinking, "what is a yatch? what, oh what, is a yatch? What did this poor, stupid man have repossessed? Inquiring minds need to know!" I was getting ready to have a breakdown. What if this is a new, hip term I was unaware of?

I read the rest of your post with great relief. "Yatch" is actually the scourge of boating newsletters everywhere. Yep. Even owners of yatches sometimes makes this error. There, I did it myself. Oops.


Haha...Renee, your sarcasm rocks! :)

Jeff Cutler said...

A friend and I play a text-message game where we insert a naughty word into a movie title to make the other person guffaw.

The word yatch would fit the bill because it sounds slightly dirty and is short enough to fit into a text message.

e.g. Yatch Wide Shut

or The Green Yatch

or Throw Momma from the Yatch

or The 40-Year Old Yatch

You get the picture.


Carlos said...

It does sound kinda nasty. Could also be a verb in someone's twisted world (wait, that's me). "...Seasick? Are you kidding me? I was yatching all effin' day!"

It’s Your Damned Language


Jeff, I'm adding to your list:

The Silence of the Yatch

Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Yatch Street

Sometimes I think it could be even funnier if you replace PART of a word in the movie title with the dirty-sounding word. For example:

High Yatchdelity

Great Yatch-pectations

Almost Yatch-mous


Ha! Carlos, I like how you turned "yatch" into a verb--"yatching" totally works int hat sentence!