Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What sort of vitiman--er, *vitamin*--can you take to improve your spelling skills?

So the other day I stopped to get gas and spotted this lovely sign across the street from the gas station. While the attendant was pumping the gas, I jumped out of the car and stood in the parking lot with my camera, getting geared up to take a picture, when I heard--

"HEY! You gonna take my picture?"

I turned around. It was the gas station attendant and his buddy. "Yeah, I could if you'd like me to," I said sweetly, "but I'm really interested in getting a picture of that sign over there." I pointed to the Rite Aid sign.

The two guys stared at the sign, their brows furrowed. I sensed some confusion. "I run a grammar website," I explained, "and there's a misspelling on that sign."

The attendant stared down the sign. "Oh! I see! BOGO! Bogo's the misspelled word!"

I sighed. He almost had a point, but BOGO is a frequently-used term, and I don't think an acronym like that counts as a misspelling. "No, no," I said. "Look at where they're advertising Vitamin Water."

"Ohhhh," they said, staring at the sign, still looking a little confused. They looked at me curiously. "So this a' gonna be big news, huh?" said the attendant's buddy.

"Oh, yes," I said solemnly. "Big news indeed."

So there you have it. Here's your big news for the day: apparently Rite Aid employees can't freakin' spell!


Rhea said...

Rite Aid employees AND the gas station employees. lol

Good catch!


Thanks, Rhea! :) Yeah, there are SO many people out there who could use a good spelling lesson...why, oh WHY, do the worst spellers always get put in charge of creating signs?

Erika said...

Vitiman...sounds like a healthy superhero! Unfortunately Rite Aid employees don't seem very super :(


I'm thinking of the Spiderman theme song, only replace each instance of "Spiderman" with "Vitiman"... Yeah, it's like 3:30 AM, and I'm punchy as hell! :)