Monday, May 26, 2008

We do NOT take Hamels' name in vain OR surround it with stupid grammatical it?

I usually don't get too pissed off about silly writing errors--I'm usually too busy giggling at them to get pissed off at them. But there are exceptions, and this is one of them.

Cole Hamels is a sacred figure to this little Grammarphile. He's the hottest pitcher EVER (for real, he is, even though my ex-boyfriend tried to convince me for 2.5 years that Hamels has a mullet, which he absolutely does NOT, because mullets are not hot, but Hamels? Totally hot), and he's damn talented, and he's a nice guy, too (I've met him, and yes, once I got far enough away so that he couldn't possibly hear me, I squealed and giggled like the girl that I am). He's not just one of my favorite Phillies, but he's also one of my favorite BILFs. Hamels is freakin' awesome--far too awesome to have his name thrown into the same sentence as a horrific grammar mistake and (what I hope is) a typo.

It hurts my eyes to look at this awful sentence. This writer's defacing the beautiful name [Cole] Hamels with the astonishingly awful-sounding "had went" and the hilarious-sounding (but also awful) "stuck out 17 without surrendering a run." (Please, someone describe this concept of what being "stuck out" by Cole Hamels actually entails. It sounds like it could possibly be something dirty...or perhaps that's wishful thinking.) Regardless, this picture above is blasphemous, you know...Cole Hamels is a pitching GOD, and here's some stupid writer throwing Hamels' name into some shittily-written sentence. Ugh.

Anyway, I'm so proud of my Phillies for scoring a ridiculous 35 runs in the past two games (despite Hamels' implosion in yesterday's game). That's so hot (the runs scored, not the implosion, obviously). And it makes my BILFs' statistics look quite nice, too...doubly hot!

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