Friday, May 16, 2008

This one kinda *quacks* me up.

This is atrocious. People, just because you're posting a Craigslist ad doesn't mean that you can chuck all your good grammar and proper spelling out the window, okay?

My favorite part of this ad is the pseudo-word dollards. I'm wondering what dollards are. I'm picturing a mallard duck outfitted in a little coat made entirely of greenbacks. Dollar + mallard = dollard. Makes sense, right?

Thanks to DREW for finding this crazy ad!


Jeanette said...

For 60 dollards, that stuff looks pretty crappy.

Aimee Dars said...

I don't know...60 "dollards" for stuff in good "condtion" is a pretty good deal ; )


Hahaha...that stuff looked like a pile of junk. I do hope a dollard is only a small measure of money. If a dollard is 1/100th of a cent, perhaps it's worth it to get the stuff... (Nah. Look at the stains on it...*still* not worth it.)