Friday, May 30, 2008

...they need an associate copy editor? No *way*!

Well, they couldn't have made a better case to illustrate how freakin' badly they need an associate copy editor. There are the spacing issues, of course, and then an instance of forgetting a hyphen, but then there's the issue of this job poster spelling his or her own company's name incorrectly (it's Conde Nast, for crying out loud). Please, won't somebody (anybody) qualified apply for this position? It's clear that these people need some serious, serious editing help!

Merci beaucoup to BRETT for finding this one!


Carlos said...

HThat's fucking hilarious, though I think if I were a hiring manager, I'd have had someone else write the announcement. Having that schmuck write it gives potential employers a little more leverage in salary and such.

What's so hard about the damned English language? I had it down at a very young age - spelling and grammar. I just interviewed for a new job on Friday and that was one of the strentghs I told them I would be bringing to the new position: a grasp of the English language, and the ability to communicate.


Hey, Carlos! Yeah, I didn't think the English language was too difficult to learn, either, but what the hell do I know? There are sooooo many people out there who suck at using this language...they greatly outnumber those of us who can use English decently and not screw it up too badly. I guess that's good, though, because if these crappy writers didn't exist, I'd have no new material for my site! :)

Good luck in getting the new job; I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!