Friday, May 30, 2008

Screw the bad grammar...let's talk about the season finale of LOST! (Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD!)

Okay, I'm going to spend about a nanosecond dealing with the hideous mistakes from one of the Lost comment boards. "Get blowed up"? That reminds me of some horrible phrase a four-year-old child (who doesn't know any better...unless, well, you're me, age four!) would use, along the lines of "I brang my lunch to school today." And then there's "which character are going to pull a Charlie," making me wonder when the verb to be got so unbelievably complicated that someone could screw it up that badly.

Grammar lesson over. Let's talk LOST. Warning: if you have NOT yet watched the season 4 finale, STOP READING NOW. There are going to be spoilers, and I don't want to ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

So. Holy shit. This was one of the most awesome Lost episodes I've ever seen. It was so very Just wow. This might be the most disjointed, all-over-the-place entry of mine that you guys have ever read. Lost makes me think about a million miles per hour!

I spent the entire episode thinking that Jeremy Bentham in the coffin was Ben. I nearly died when Jack was at the funeral home at the end of the episode and Ben popped out of freakin' nowhere...showing that he was obviously not the one in the coffin. I had a feeling, once I saw that Ben was alive, that the person in the coffin was Locke. Granted, I was hoping I was wrong...I like Locke, and although I actually wouldn't mind his character dying in some sort of grand, heroic, interesting way, I don't like that there he is, back off the island. I envisioned Locke living out the rest of his years on the island and dying there...and staying there once he was dead. (Do you think Locke died on the island and was brought back from the island, or that he came back from the island himself and died while he was away from it?) I'm intrigued about how Jack's going to get Locke, now a corpse, back to the island. After Kate's dream involving a spooky, pissed off-looking Claire, I'm wondering what will happen if/when Aaron goes back to the island. What will become of Desmond and Penny, especially since it's Ben's goal to kill Penny as revenge for Alex's death? Anyone else sense a potential Sawyer/Juliet hook-up in the works? (Juliet, you lucky bitch, you!) Did anyone else expect a polar bear to show up when Ben was using that wheel to move the island? Is Michael dead (what did Christian mean when he told Michael he could go now)? What about Jin--is that how he died, or is he still hanging on somewhere? God, that scene with Sun screaming as she witnessed the freighter blowing just fucking broke my heart. Same deal with when Sawyer whispered something to Kate and then jumped out of the helicopter. I love watching pretty much every moment that Kate and Sawyer are together; I find the passion and intensity involved in that relationship to be absolutely enthralling. What about how Hurley seemed to be playing chess with Mr. Eko? (That was a totally unexpected line, wasn't it? I love how dead people just keep showing back up in subsequent Lost episodes!) I'm also really curious about Charlotte and hope we find out more about her in subsequent episodes. Same deal with Miles--his character intrigues me. I want to know what he knows about Charlotte (presumably by getting his information from dead people!). And I'm guessing that we've seen the last of Lapidus...which is a shame, because I thought he was a cool character. And, looking at the larger picture, where do you think the island has gone? And what do you think has happened to those who were on it? And how are the Oceanic 6 (plus corpse!) going to get back there?

Comments, you guys. Talk to me in the comments. To hell with bad grammar; today is a day to discuss all things Lost-related! What did you think of the season 4 finale? What was your favorite moment in tonight's episode? What do you think we'll find out in season 5? Thoughts, theories, questions...go get to 'em! :)


Mike Spoodles said...

I'm kind of bummed that they killed off Keamy, because that guy did a really good job with the character. It was nice to have a brute-force enemy on the island, which complimented Ben's intellectual villainy very well. Now, neither of these villains are left on the island--but apparently bad things are still going to happen.

That means a new intimidation force needs to sweep the island. Is it the smoke monster? Is it the "original inhabitants" they hinted to at the end of season 2 with that four-toed foot statue? Do they have any relation to Charlotte?

I'm curious what happened to Faraday. He might have been my favorite of the boat people, but he wasn't on the raft with anybody that warrants television cameras.

I may have more thoughts later. Just some initial business after sleeping on it.


Hiya, Mike! Yes, very good point about how the villains complemented one another--you're absolutely right. (You know what's kinda scary, though? Sometimes I fall into this trap of not remembering that Ben is a villain, since now he's joined forces, to some degree, with some of the castaways...)

Ooh, shhh on the four-toed statue front...I have not seen the very end of season 2 yet (or the very beginning of season 3!), so I haven't seen this statue you mentioned! (I'll have to catch up during Lost's "off-season"!) Yes, I, too, am curious to see what new intimidation force goes up against the island...

I wondered what happened to Faraday, too. I'm still sort of torn and don't know whether I liked his character or not. I have to imagine we'll see more of him in season 5, since we really didn't see his storyline get tied up this time around...

This was such an amazing episode...I'm going to be trying to wrap my mind around it all day long. :) Thanks for the great questions/comments, Mike!

lowlife said...

It was great, because everyone was convinced that Ben was in the casket (including me). Leave it to the writers to shock us with another revelation! Good stuff.

As far as the island goes:

There was that orientation video that showed the bunny being put in the chamber. The doctor said that "For the briefest of moments, the animal may seem to have disappeared, but in reality..." and then the tape starts to rewind itself.

I'm guessing the island hasn't really moved like we would think. The island has moved in time. And I'm guessing it is sometime in the future.

I think we've pretty much seen the last of Desmond's character. He's found Penny. And even with the threat of Ben looming, I doubt he's going to get the chance to murder Penny before someone gets to him.

Now the question - the "present" has caught up with the beginning of the flash forwards. So what happens next? They have to go back to the island. I'm wondering if the series will move between what happens on the island and Jack's mission to get everyone back onto the island.

And Locke definitely left the island - he left to get the message to the 6 to come back.


Hi, Lowlife! Yeah, I, too, was convinced it was Ben in the coffin. They sure fooled a lot of us on that one!

Actually, I'm not convinced we've seen the last of Desmond. If in fact the island has moved in time, and if we're going to see more of Faraday, I suspect we will also see more of Desmond (although perhaps not as regularly as in other seasons)--after all, Desmond is Faraday's "constant", right? :)

I had this same thought--"I'm wondering if the series will move between what happens on the island and Jack's mission to get everyone back onto the island." It'll be interesting to see how they structure these upcoming episodes...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. By the way, your blog is funny (especially as I sit here drinking...Mountain Dew, of all things!), and I'll be adding you to my blogroll later today!

Angela said...

So much word to everything in this post.

"What did Christian mean when he told Michael he could go now?"

Ooh, I think I can answer this one! They had that episode earlier in the season that set up the fact that Michael couldn't die until the right time---he tried to commit suicide multiple times and was unable to succeed. So I think "Michael, you can go now" meant that it was just his time. Which makes me sad, because I love Michael. And Jin. Oh, Jin. I cried buckets during that sequence. When will these actors learn that getting a DUI is FATAL for their characters?

Stellar episode all around. Lots of additional questions raised, but that's par for the course with this show.

I think my favorite moment was when Locke was watching the orientation video that explicitly stated that nothing metal could ever go inside the vault---and meanwhile, Ben's stacking metal chairs, tables, trash cans and anything he can find in there. Hee! Locke's reaction made me giggle so much.

I love this show.


Hey, Angela! :) GREAT answer regarding my Michael/Christian question. Thanks so much!

Yeah, I was sad about Jin, too (and Michael, a little, but I really had a difficult time liking Michael's character). Sigh.

Ooh, that moment where Ben was loading the vault with metal made me giggle a little bit. :) My favorite moments of the show include:

* Ben coldly saying "So?" when Locke informed him about what would happen to the folks on he freighter if Keamy died (Ben is so creepy/cold, and I love it!)

* Sawyer swimming and shirtless (need I say more?)

* That scene between Kate and Sawyer in the airplane (it made me SO sad; I really wish the two of them could end up together; they are such an interesting pair)

What a seriously FABULOUS episode!

drewplaysdrums said...

Ok, I don't have much time, and i may be off with this, but what came to mind regarding Charlotte was that maybe she is the little girl that Ben was close to as a child...

I'm still holding out for the unlikely Jack/Juliet thing to happen...

although... I am finally kinda coming around to Sawyer... i am slow to forget how big of an asshole he was (see Lost: Seasons 1 and 2), but i think being on the island has helped him mature as a human, while still maintaining his signature style and sense of humor.

and i never read spoilers/hints or anything like that, but i TOTALLY called the "Penny saves the lifeboat and keeps Desmond, and leaves the Oceanic 6 ready for rescue" thing.

SO, SO great to see them finally re-unite though. What got me though, was Jack and Desmond's goodbye, reminiscent of when they met up running stadiums so long ago...

OH! and I was hoping that Jeremy Bentham would be the tall thin black guy, who called himself Abaddon or something... that would have been so cool.

have grace on my grammar, i'm in a hurry. :D


Hi, Drew! I like your theory on Charlotte. Too bad we have to wait soooo long between now and the start of next season to find out if that's true! :)

I like how Sawyer has matured this season, too. He used to be very selfish, and him jumping out of the helicopter was a very unselfish action. I definitely like the way his character is changing and maturing.

Props to you for calling the "Penny rescuing them" thing...and yeah, that Desmond/Jack scene got to me, too. Hopefully we haven't really seen the last of Desmond, if for no other reason than he has one of the most awesome voices on the show, haha. :)

Andrew said...

ok, so here's my future predictions....

1) Season 5 will take place in Los Angeles as "the present." Island stuff will be flashbacks. The whole season premise will be trying to get back to the island.

2) Michael is dead, sorry. His plot is done and he accomplished everything he needed to do as a character. However, I guarentee 1000% that he will return as a "manifestation of the island" at some point

3) Jin is not dead. Faraday is still floating around. He wasn't on the island when it vanished. He will find Jin and pick him up. Then, somehow, since Faraday is a genius, they will find where the island is, and return.

4) At which point they will find Juliet and Sawyer gettin jiggy with it in the sand.

5) Charlotte is Ben's biological daughter with his childhood sweetheart, Annie.

6) Jack and Ben will try, and succeed, in convincing the other losties (Sayid, Kate w/ aaron, Hurley and Sun) to return to the island. They will use Walt to help them find it. They will enlist Desmond and Penny to boat them out there with Locke's body in the coffin.

7) Ben and Widmore will meet up with each other, but they will realize they need each other to find the island; something they both want to do. So they too will be on that boat.

8) Once everyone lands back on the island (remember, walt found it. he's special) Locke reappears as a manifestation of the island.

9) The rest of the plot will then be season 6. Its anyone's guess from there. Maybe Richard tried to usurp power from Locke and bad times happened. Maybe the smoke monster roamed uncontrollable. Maybe they finally run out of Dharma candy bars! Who knows... Just hope I don't have to wait until January to find out!


Andrew! I don't know which is more exciting lately--Lost or BILFs fantasy baseball (we're holding steady in second place--how 'bout you?)! :)

1. That makes sense.
2. I agree that Dead Michael will show up at some point. The dead ones on Lost never rest in peace, apparently. :)
3. Yeah, I'm definitely not convinced that Jin is dead yet. I think he probably WILL die, but I'm not so sure he's dead *yet*.
4. In that case, I'm SO jealous of Juliet.
5. Hmm, Charlotte's eyes look a hell of a lot like Ben's eyes... That theory could really work.
6. Hey, if they get stuck and something happens to their boat, maybe they can ALL ride in the coffin WITH Locke. Wood floats, doesn't it? Haha.
7. Speaking of Widmore, I'm *really* curious to see what Sun has planned for him.
8. Oh, yes, of COURSE Locke will appear as a manifestation of the island; I have no doubt about that eventually happening!
9. I'm intrigued by Richard. And that's not just because he always looks like he's wearing guyliner...

You know what's crazy? This is the first time I have EVER had to WAIT for Lost to start back up again. I only got into Lost after season 3 and spent the time between seasons 3 and 4 catching I know first-hand how impatient everyone else gets about this show! :)

Justin on The Point said...

The first thing that really caught me was "Jeremy Bentham". Read up on him, another philosopher joins the Lost family. And it's quite interesting that "John Locke" came to be known as "Jeremy Bentham".

I loved Ben basically putting a fork in the overgrown microwave.

I also was somewhat touched by Ben saying goodbye to Locke, "sorry for making your life so miserable". He seemed sincere...for once.

Part of me thinks that Desmond and Penny being reunited is the producers' way of wrapping up that storyline. But also remember, Charles Widmore (are you British? Australian? WTF?) hates him. If he stays with Penny, you'd think ol' Chuck'll notice. I hope he's back, I really grew to like Des.

Did Walt grow into a goofy lookin' teenager or what?

Speaking of Walt, I wonder what "Jeremy Bentham" said to him when they visited.

I also love how Sun has turned into a no-fear, ball breaking badass.

I love the show, but it also breaks my heart when I think of the fact that every episode is one episode closer to the end of the series.


Justin! :) Good job with the Jeremy Bentham research. I'm always amazed about how much philosophy-related stuff there is in Lost. Seems like every nme has a much deeper meaning...

You're right, Ben did seem sincere when apologizing to Locke. He does have his kind moments, rare as they may be. I love his character more and more with each episode; Ben is fascinating, and Michael Emerson plays this character SO well.

Walt really does look WEIRD. I don't know what I expected him to look like, but I didn't expect him to look like THAT.

I, too, like how Sun's character is developing. She's turning out to be very gutsy! I love it! :)

Maggie said...

My turn!

I want to know why Miles didn't want to leave the island...did he "see" what was going to happen to the freighter? He creeps me out!

I love the theory that Faraday and Jin are alive and back on the island! I really hope that is what happens.

I want to see more Richard next season. Not only do I love the eyeliner, but I feel like there's a lot to him and we've barely scratched the surface.

I wonder how they would handle making the present in Los Angeles and doing flashbacks to the island...would they just cross cut between them? Don't they need a constant, someone in the present who's recalling the past?

Nerdy Bird said...

Did you happen to catch the new Lost Experience commercial? I'm so excited they're doing it again.

Fantastic episode all around though. Penny and Desmond getting together finally made me so happy!


Hi, Maggie! :) Yeah, Miles creeps me out too, but I'm really intrigued by him. I can't wait to find out exactly what his deal is!

I find Richard to be intriguing, too. He's a teensy bit creepy, a teensy bit attractive, and very, VERY interesting. Did you notice how, when Locke showed up at the camp, Richard and all the Others sort of responded to Locke as if he was some sort of god?

In terms of a constant--isn't Desmond a constant? He's at least Faraday's constant... (By the way, every time Faraday shows up, are you reminded of what Charlie would look like if he'd had brown hair? He totally looks like a brunette Charlie to me...only flightier and, surprisingly, most likely NOT on drugs, haha.)


Hi, Nerdy Bird--no, I didn't catch the Lost Experience commercial, so I'm gonna have to YouTube it later on. Not only that, but I heard that Good Morning America aired alternate endings to last night's episode...I'm going to have to YouTube those, too!

I love that Penny and Desmond got together again, too, but something about that scene worried me. When Desmond said to Penny that he'd never leave her again, it *really* reminded me of how Jin had said he'd never leave Sun again...and while we're not entirely sure at this point what happened to Jin, I think we can all be fairly certain that he and Sun are NOT together because even if they're both alive, they're not even in the same place...

Nerdy Bird said...

Ahh well there wasn't too much to the commercial. It's the website that has all the good stuff. You can get there from my blog if you haven't gone yet. There was also an adorable polar bear commercial that had nothing to do with Lost but that I'm sure they were very aware of their placement anyway.

The other endings from what I've heard were stuff they filmed with other characters in the coffin because they didn't want the crew or actors to know who it was going to be until the very end. But I haven't seen them yet.

We still have to worry for Penny and Des because Ben is totally out to kill her remember? That's going to be rough.

And I think Jin is still alive. He was near the end of the boat and could have gotten blown clear away. Plus it would make for a great reunion later down the road when Sun comes back after her revenge rampage.


Awesome! I'll definitely check out the video on your blog (after I get home and, most definitely, after I take a NAP! Hehe). :)

I loved that polar bear commercial they aired for National Grid! That was too cute. I, too, chuckled at it being played during a Lost commercial break...

I agree, I think there's a really good possibility Jin is still alive. Just because we saw the freighter blow up and just because we saw (in a previous episode) a gravestone that appeared to be Jin's certainly doesn't mean that Jin is actually dead. That would be so predictable...and Lost is anything but predictable! :)

Lin said...

When Locke popped out of the coffin, Zach and I both laughed and asked how they were going to get him back to the island. Then our imaginations soared! I can just see Jack and Sayid passing him back and forth , flopping around on their shoulders. Morbid, I know, but amusing. Can anyone say "Weekend at Bernie's?"


Hey, Lin! :) Ooh, I love your and Zach's twisted humor! Yeah, it's gonna be interesting how they get themselves AND Locke's body back to the island. Can't wait for THAT episode! Hope all is well with you, Zach, and your soon-to-be-arriving little one!

Rhea said...

I LOVED that Desmond and Penny reunited. That was wonderful, and I'm glad we didn't have to wait until next season or even later for that to happen.

Sawyer's heoric moment was wonderful. I've never been more proud of him. And, his last thoughts were for his baby daughter, which was touching.

I was shocked to see Locke in the coffin. I was totally not expecting that.

WHY does the island need the Oceanic Six to return? That's the biggest question in my mine (besides how and where the island moved). Does this mean Desmond and Walt and Ben need to return also? Ben can't go back for some reason, right?

I am dying to know more about Charlotte's story...and what happened to Faraday and those on the raft.

I have way more questions than those answered, I swear. I love this show and I can't wait til next season. So long to wait though...


Hi, Rhea! Wow, it's funny, I've spent so much time focused on the littler Lost-related questions and issues that I've *so* overlooked that crazy question of WHY they need to go back to the island! Great, one more question (and a BIG one at that!) for me to consider, haha!

Yes, Sawyer's heroic moment was amazing. :) (So were the moments of him sans shirt on the beach. Despite the fact that he's a little bit on the redneck side, I can't help finding him ridiculously sexy.)

I'm also intrigued by Charlotte and Faraday (and Miles, too)...the new characters they introduced this season all seem like they have some interesting stories, and I can't wait to figure out more about them!

It feels like foreeeeeever until we're going to see another Lost episode...they've left us with so much time to think about all of this stuff (as we drive ourselves crazy in the process, of course)! :)

firstlight1 said...

You know, when I saw that it was Locke in the coffin, I actually cheered - not because I want Locke to die (heaven forbid!) but because at the end of Season 3, that's who I guessed was in the coffin. I kept that guess going for part of this season, then began to suspect it was Michael. Part of me wonders of if Locke died BECAUSE he left the island...I'm not sure how that would work, but it somehow makes sense to me. Or maybe he had to die in order to truly draw the 6 together and convince them to go back.

I'm pretty much in total agreement with what Andrew said - I don't want Jin to be dead at all, but he just may be. However, I think Farraday is still there and maybe got sucked in with the island...after all, he wasn't that far from it. I think it would be great if he did find Jin (still alive!) because he needs someone to dialogue with while he's on that raft...we know that the Lostie extras won't get any time after the Nikki/Paolo incident.

I LOVE the idea that Charlotte is Ben's biological daughter - especially because now they're in 2 different places and it will be a long time till Ben finds out, if he ever does. Since time runs differently on the island, I suppose it's possible (maybe). I don't think she's Ben's childhood friend, Annie. After all, they saw each other after she landed. There would have been expressed recognition from one of them.

Why oh why do we have to wait until February to be given more answerless questions?!?!


Hi, Hester! :) So now I'm curious--what made you know it was Locke in that coffin? Obviously you thought that for a long time--what made you think that? (And, by the way--great guess!)

I agree--I don't think we've seen the last of Faraday ("Brunette Charlie" in my mind--I really think those two look similar!)...

I cannot believe we have to wait sooooo long for more answers. Do the Lost producers/writers want us to go out of our minds wondering about all this crazy stuff for the next several months? :)

Anonymous said...

I want a pet polar bear!


Did you ee that National Grid commercial that ran while Lost's finale was on? That polar bear looked soooo cute and cuddly, hehe. :) (But if I could choose any wild animal to have as a pet, I'd pick a ring-tailed lemur...because I'm just weird like that!)