Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A new state...or just a silly misspelling?

I'm relieved that after today's primaries, Obama still has a pretty nice lead over Clinton in the delegate count. Phew! But I'm curious about this place called Indian. Is this some sort of new state? If so, can we get Obama campaigning there rather quickly? Please? (Oh, never mind. That's not a new state. That's simply a misspelling of Indiana. Figures.)

Apparently there were ten or so nuns today who were not allowed to cast their vote in the Indiana primaries because they lacked proper identification. And while that totally sucks for these ladies and I sincerely sympathize with them, I can't help but think selfish thoughts like, "gosh, I hope they weren't going to vote for Obama and got turned away!" or, even more wicked, "I really hope they were Hillary fans." (Yeah, I'm bad, but what else is new?)

Big thanks to BRETT for being awesome and spotting this error! :)

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