Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I know that actors and actresses sometimes behave in a catty manner, but have they become so catty that journalists should start referring to them as "catsmembers" instead of castmembers and "cats and crew" instead of cast and crew?

On the topic of Desperate Housewives--who's excited for the season finale? How many of you are totally creeped out by Kayla's wicked, manipulative ways? What's gonna happen to Wisteria Lane's notorious homewrecker, Edie Britt? Do you think anybody's going to bite it in the season finale? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Gracias to MAGGIE, our lovely GOSSIP GODDESS, for spotting this article!


Rhea said...

catsmembers, lol, that's a cute new word.

I used to watch this show but somehow got sidetracked and haven't watched it in a while. If I checked in now, I bet I'd be lost...


This season was pretty good...I was a little ticked about parts of the finale, though. You should totally go get the DVD versions of some of the shows and watch them on a rainy day. :)