Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's official: My BILFs are dominant!

I know this post has nothing at all to do with grammar, but it's Saturday morning, and even I can't be bothered with grammar on Saturday morning. But I can totally be into baseball on Saturday morning, especially when I wake up to find that my super-awesome fantasy baseball team is in FIRST PLACE for the first time this season!

I know, I know--I'm tied for first. Whatever. There's still that lovely little 1 by my name, and as long as that's there, I'm thrilled. And yes, I know, it's early in the season, and the race is quite close. It's very likely that I won't be in first place in another day or two. And that's OK. I don't expect to be in first place all season long. But what I do expect is to end up in first or second place at the end of the season. I'm doing a lot of work when it comes to this fantasy baseball team, and I love watching that work pay off. I'm learning a lot by taking a few risks on players I've only just started researching (who I previously knew nothing about and who aren't even cute!), and I'm actually beginning to make sense of all these statistics and box scores. And for an English major like myself to feel like she's actually doing something with numbers and not screwing that up--well, that in itself is amazing.

Also amazing: it's my first year running any kind of fantasy baseball team, I'm the lone girl in a league of all guys, and I know next to nothing about the American League because I've been a Phillies girl all my life (and therefore only really know what's going on in the National League)... And despite these things (and also despite Adam Dunn and Derek Jeter's best efforts to keep me out of first place by being 0'fers last night--I'm really not thrilled with them right now!), today I'm in first place. It might be the only time that happens this season, but you know what? With the work I'm putting into this team, I bet it won't be. (And with my competitive nature, it had really better not be.)

Since I know a few of you have been curious about how fantasy baseball has been treating me this year--well, now you know. :) I couldn't help bragging about sharing my good news here!

For more baseball-related goodness, head on over to Phillies Flow, the best Phillies blog out there. (Before linking to my site on Phillies Flow, I find it amusing that the site's author searched through Red Pen, Inc. and tried in vain to find a grammatical mistake on which to call me out; all he found was one measly letter-transposition typo. Nice try, Erik, but yes, I'm just that good!) If the Phillies aren't your favorite team, head over there anyway...among all the links on the sidebar of Phillies Flow, a blog about your favorite baseball team is sure to be there!


Mike Noble said...

as a phan and fellow grammar enthusiast living in new york (i often comment as 'phan_in_babylon'--babylon as the jews and jamaicans who live around me sometimes call this city, and being metsland, i hardily agree) i think i have found my new favorite blog.


Hi, Mike! :) I'm so glad to know I'm not the only Phillies fan living out here! I'm in Merrick (soon to be Huntington), and I was convinced I was the ONLY Phillies fan on this crazy island! The Mets fans at work make fun of me for how much Phillies crap I have all over my cube walls, but at least THIS year I don't have to put up with them trying to tell me how much better their team is than mine! (They'd be lying their little faces off if they even TRIED to claim that this year!) Glad you're enjoying Red Pen, Inc. There will be more Phillies-related posts here soon, I'm sure...especially now that we're in first place *squeal!* and I want to brag about it! :)


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Give me an E!
Give me a W!
Give me a T!
Give me an E!
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Give me a... #?
Give me a 4!!!

What's that spell?
NEW TEAM #4!!!

Gooooooooooo apathy!


You wise-ass. ;) New Team #4 doesn't stand a chance against me and my BILFs; we've got hotness, smarts, and a distinct lack of apathy on our side!