Saturday, May 10, 2008

An international-style typo!

Had I found the above typo on my own, I would have thought to myself, "Some idiot is really random with her typos. How the hell did a 2 get at the beginning of that sentence?" But I didn't find this typo--BRETT did, and he even had a really good explanation for it, one I certainly wouldn't have guessed on my own. BRETT says: I saw that there was a "2" just after the starting quotation mark. I thought it looked a little like when someone does this: "!!!!1", so I looked, and sure enough, the quotation mark is shift-2 on British keyboards. Still, very sloppy.

So there you have it--a typo from across the pond! And here is a picture of a British keyboard so that you guys can all see how easily this typo can happen...

Big thanks to BRETT for spotting--and explaining--this mistake!


Rhea said...

Darn those international keyboards. It's nice to hear an explanation! Our common mistakes here probably confuse others across the pond. :o)


Yeah, I thought this was an interesting explanation, too--one I certainly wouldn't have guessed!