Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I love how news sites don't seem to realize what proofreaders do and that maybe, just maybe, they should hire a few...

So SUZIE found this entertaining article that dealt with whether CNN was selling shirts that were attacking ABC News. And when I say "attacking," I mean it looked like they were selling shirts that said "ABC News Fucked Up the Pennsylvania Debate." Tee-hee. But regardless of who fucked up the PA debate and who's selling T-shirts about it, the fact remains that this TV station's website is in dire need of a proofreader--just this one article contained a bunch of silly, embarrassing little typos. I didn't have the heart to view the rest of their website and see how poorly written it was. Sigh.

Gracias to SUZIE for finding this one!


Joe said...

It's also worth noting that WCBS blurred the offensive language in two its appearances in the image, but missed the third. Sloppy. And all this while criticizing another news site for allowing the users to insert offensive language to a temporary page. Hypocrisy.

So, users inserting offensive language versus writers inserting offensive language? To me, one is clearly many time worse than the other.

I know, I know, this is supposed to be about the grammar and spelling errors. But I just had to call them on that.


Yeah, I noticed the problem with the blurring, too. You'd think if it was important enough for them to blur out the F-bomb in the first place, they'd at least make sure they blurred it out 100% of the time!