Wednesday, April 2, 2008

You did NOT just misspell the King's name...right? I *must* be seeing things...

So the GRAMMAR STUD and I are in a store, and I spot this sign, and I freak out and grab my cell phone so I can take a picture of it, and he's all like, "but it's just a store display, sweetie!," and I'm all like, "THEY ARE MISSPELLING THE KING'S NAME!!!" And misspelling the King's name is gonna get you on this site, guaran-freakin'-teed, since I'm a) a huuuuuge Elvis fan, and b) a stickler for proper spelling.

(Note that they misspelled Stitch's name, too, which is annoying--but it doesn't irk me like misspelling Elvis does.)

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