Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Today's spelling lesson is brought to you by the letter K...

Okay, I know that Khloe is a totally screwy-looking variation of the name Chloe, but really. The name of every Kardashian spawn begins with a freakin' K. There's Kim, the really unintelligent one who used to be Paris Hilton's BFF. I think there's a Kourtney. And of course there's Khloe. All these cutesy (kutesy?) K names. There's obviously a trend here. This trend kind of takes the guesswork out of wondering what the first letter of Khloe's first name might be. So you'd think that maybe, just maybe, they'd think logically about this and wouldn't misspell Khloe's name.

Note that they spelled it right once and misspelled it once. ADD on the part of whoever was doing the typing? Or maybe they figured if they spelled it once Chloe and once Khloe, they'd be batting .500 because one of those two spellings was bound to be right?

Thanks to MAGGIE, our GOSSIP GODDESS, for spotting this little spelling error!

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