Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Subway sign snafu!

Two weeks ago I was out and about with friends in New York City, riding the subway all over the place. As we were about to exit one subway station, I saw a completely ridiculous message on an LED sign that listed subway tips. "STOP!" I bellowed, as I fished in my bag for my camera.

My friend and fellow blogger JUSTIN heard the seriousness in my voice and got nervous, thinking I'd forgotten or dropped something on the subway. The GRAMMAR STUD put him at ease: "Well, she either just saw Pat Burrell walking through here, or she spotted a grammar mistake." Indeed, it was the latter (unfortunately for me...as much as I love finding grammar goof-ups, a Pat Burrell sighting would have been WAY hotter, although highly improbable, considering that the Phillies were nowhere near NY that weekend).

I have a couple issues with the message on that sign. First of all: childdren? Yikes! Secondly: are they asking children (plural) to hold the hand (singular) of a grown-up (also singular)? Depending on how many children are present, that could become a bit tedious... And, lastly, are there no apostrophes allowed on subway LED signs? Ugh.

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