Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Straight from the horse's mouth...

It's funny to pick on grammar errors that proofreaders and writers miss. But it's even funnier to pick on grammar errors that had nothing to do with a proofreader and EVERYTHING to do with the person who actually SAID the horrendously ungrammatical thing.

Now, you guys all know I'm a Phillies girl (and a little bit of a Yankees girl, and also kind of a Braves girl, since Jeff Francoeur is really hot, and I'm also a little partial to the Brewers because J. J. Hardy's a cutie pie...but I digress...), so therefore you must know I'm NOT a Mets fan. The Mets are the Phillies' top rivals. Of course I loathe them just on principle. But I loathe them even more when they start dropping double negatives like nobody's business. I mean, come on--for all the dopey things I've heard [the super-duper GORGEOUS Adonis of left field] Pat Burrell say, I've never heard him say anything that sounded as unintelligent as what Mr. Castro said.

Oh, and while I'm on my Mets-related rant...they had their very last home opener at Shea Stadium today, and the Phillies beat them there by a score of 5-2. BOOYAH.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. Booyah. Take THAT, Grammar Stud!