Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spelling snafus from the birthday boy!

In honor of it being my friend MR. EXECTROLUX'S birthday (well, in about 45 minutes it will officially be his birthday, but I digress), I thought I'd share two funny pictures that he sent in. Apparently the folks in his office have been hit with some sort of disease that causes them to misspell...well...pretty much everything. Or at least everything that has more than, say, two syllables. I truly hope they recover from this debilitating disease.

Eh, screw it...I totally hope they don't recover. The spelling snafus from MR. EXECTROLUX'S office help keep this site going! Misspell away, you crazy kids from Pennsyltucky!

In all seriousness, though--happy birthday, MR. EXECTROLUX! Have some scotch and go celebrate!

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