Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A not-so-noble mistake...

The above picture is of MoJoe from In The Mailbox. He found a little mistake that packs a big punch: somebody screwed up the title of this dude's audiobook! Some goober used Nobel (like the prize) instead of Noble (which he should have used) in the title of the audiobook. MoJoe says:

"This one is awful. Paula, my fiancee, found this typo on an audiobook she checked out from the library. At the bottom, it says 'Book One of the Nobel Warriors.' It's a sci-fi lookin' book, so maybe it was a creative misspelling, right? WRONG. Everywhere else on the audiobook, and on the print edition, and every-frickin-where else, it's 'Noble Warriors.' I can't imagine what I'd do if, when I finally get published, my title is misspelled. The attached picture is of me moments before tossing my cookies after seeing that."

Thanks, MoJoe, for sending in this little homonym horror show!

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