Monday, April 28, 2008

If only the "a" was invisible on this sign...

So a couple weeks ago I was in this Very Famous Toy Store in NYC and saw this sign in a display case. The store had a display of interesting toys that were inspired by and/or featured in movies. Some of the store personnel were quite I was attempting to take a halfway decent picture of this sign, I had the funny feeling I was being watched. And I was...I turned around and there were two dudes in Star Wars-themed masks (one had on a Darth Vader helmet/mask-thing, the other had on a white helmet/mask...maybe he was a Jedi? It's been a while since I've seen any of the Star Wars movies...), one silently hovering over each of my shoulders. They were probably wondering what the hell I was giggling about as I took a picture of the sign advertising the "invisable" (ughhh, it makes me shudder to even type it that way) writer. The Star Wars dudes then proceeded to follow me over to the Harry Potter section of the store and silently hover behind me there, too. I think they must have found me and my relentless picture-taking amusing.

Anyway, I want somebody to invent an "invisible writer" (note the correct spelling here) that makes grammar errors and misspellings invisible to super-picky Grammarphiles like myself. (Are any of you readers budding inventors? If so, can you please get on this, like, ASAP?)

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