Saturday, April 5, 2008

How many different ways can we mess with "Electrolux" in one post?

This writer didn't just create a new word--he or she created a whole new brand name! Exextrolux doesn't exist...Electrolux does, though!

Ironically, I have an ex-boyfriend who is a manager of a store that sells Electrolux, and this crazy typo above has given me an idea for a nickname for him... For the record, we're on friendly terms and he stops by here sometimes to read my posts (and to submit a picture once in a while), and he jokingly asked me once if he would get a nickname on here since I've given a few of my other friends nicknames. I don't think he actually expected me to give him one, but now he has one: he's Mr. Exectrolux! (An ex who is an executive of a store that sells Electrolux...clever, no?)

Thanks to MAGGIE, our faaaaabulous GOSSIP GODDESS, for submitting this picture!


Rhea said...

Oh, your ex from're killin' me.

The Grammarphile said...

Yeah, it's kind of a bad pun, fit too well for me to just forget I thought about it, hehe. :)