Friday, April 25, 2008

Have I mentioned lately how awesome the Phillies and the BILFs are?

You know, maybe the Brewers' relievers would put a little more effort into the game if they felt appreciated. I mean, how could this Riske dude possibly feel appreciated when writers for his own team's website spell his name incorrectly? (It's fitting, though...judging by the outcome of today's game, he was indeed a "riskie" person to have on the mound!)

Props to this article's writer for referring to Pat Burrell as the "red-hot Phillies outfielder." No truer statement has ever been spoken.

In other news relating to hot baseball players, my BILFs are currently in second place in my fantasy baseball league! Holy shit! Last week my team was in ninth place. Last night some sort of magic happened and my BILFs kicked a lot of ass, propelling themselves into a much better ranking. It won't last for long, but I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts. Behold:

This post is dedicated to hardcore Brewers fan KEITH, who had the audacity to e-mail me last night to heckle me about how the Brewers beat my Phillies yesterday. But he didn't stop there: he ripped on my favorite pitcher, Cole Hamels (who is one of my favorite Phillies and one of my favorite BILFs), AND managed to make an egregious grammar error in the e-mail. (Did you enjoy the outcome of today's Brewers/Phillies matchup, Keith? Good thing "Old Man Moyer" was on his game today! Hehehe.)


Shawn XXV Kemp said...

I hate you and your stupid BILFs. Go Brewers.


Ooh, somebody's bitter! *So* sorry that my teams are cooler than yours! :)

Justin on The Point said...

I won't even dignify this entry with a comment.

Damn, I just did.

In the immortal words of Mr. Ed Coffey, "we're fighting now".


Oh yeah? Well, my Phillies are phightin'* now! :)

* I'm The Grammarphile, and I approve this misspelling!