Thursday, April 10, 2008

Good Charlotte = bad writers!

I'm not even going to get into the nitty-gritty details of the typos on Good Charlotte's blog post. There are too many of them and none of them are particularly interesting (I was actually talking about the typos, not the band's songs, although the sentence would accurately describe either...).

I've got a Good Charlotte story that's way funnier than all of those typos combined. Back in the day, I used to do a lot of work with bands. I've met a lot of bands. Most of them have been truly amazing people to meet and work with (G. Love and Special Sauce), really friendly and totally hilarious (Green Day), or off-the-wall and goofy in a cool way (Beck, Sum 41). But there's one band that I swear I'll never work with again, and that band is Good Charlotte. They were by far the biggest pain-in-the-ass band with whom I've ever dealt. EVER. And that says a lot.

I booked those tools for a concert I was running a looong time ago--right when "Little Things" had just hit the airwaves and started to catch on. Despite that at the time, these guys were newcomers to MTV and corporate radio, they had massive, massive egos. Their rider was pretty big for a bunch of whiny little punks, and when they showed up at the venue at which the show was being held, they came in, took one look at the stage (which, admittedly, was about 6 inches off the floor), and all went back out to their bus. And that's where they stayed for, like, 8 hours. On the bus. With their massive amounts of food that they'd requested in the rider. (Normal bands--especially ones that are not big bands--tend to mill around the concert venue for a while, but no, not these guys...they were way too cool for that!)

In the contract I'd specified that they'd do an interview for us. In retrospect, I probably should have specified which one would be doing the interview. I'd wanted Joel to be the interviewee. Instead, I got Benji, and he's kind of a massive tool. He acted like a punkass during the interview, giving stupid, flippant answers to all the questions, and not really behaving professionally. Plus he brought this other dude along (turns out it was the singer of The Movie Life, who--at the time--nobody had freakin' heard of, which makes the fact that The Movie Life pulled a "don't you know who I am?" on the crew working the concert really f'in funny), and I had no clue who he was, and he kept chiming in with flippant answers himself even though I wasn't asking him any questions. So finally I got annoyed with asking serious stuff and started asking bullshit questions. I asked Benji to tell me about his favorite tattoo, and he said (and I quote): "The $10,000 bill tattoed on my dick."

I almost told him to whip it out and show me, but he's not cute and so I really didn't want to see that. Instead, I just gave him a look and was very, VERY grateful that the interview was being recorded and was NOT going over the airwaves at that very moment. (The FCC kind of doesn't like the word dick.)

See, I told you the Good Charlotte story was better than talking about those typos. ;) Thanks so much to MAGGIE, our fabulous GOSSIP GODDESS, for finding this instance of "what happens when punctuationally- and grammatically-challenged faux punks write blogs."

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