Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Baracking the red pen, part 1

You know, if there is a "God"*, I'm fairly certain that "God" would be quite annoyed to hear about idiots throwing homonym errors into Biblical proverbs. If "God" exists, maybe he'll get so aggravated with this sort of behavior that he'll start pitching lightning bolts at repeat offenders of these crimes against good writing...or maybe, when these morons die, he'll send them to grammar hell and sentence them to an eternity of diagramming sentences and conjugating verbs.

CURT, who sent in this picture, notes the following: "I didn't know that stitching items with a needle and thread only leads to such items being cut with a scythe.... Interesting."

Can somebody please hand Reverend Wright a heaping cup of Shut The Fuck Up? (And can somebody hand any writer who dares to write about this dude a freakin' dictionary? Seriously.) This is crunch time in the fight for the Democratic party's presidential nomination, and Obama needs all the support he can get!

Thanks to CURT for sending in this error!

* The Grammarphile is very agnostic. She's not certain about the existence of "God," but figures that if he does indeed exist, he's a lot different from the "God" that most people envision. If such an entity does exist, The Grammarphile truly hopes that a) he likes the idea of promoting good grammar, and b) he will forgive her for being a snarky bitch and not send her to hell and damn her to an eternity of doing horrible things like solving math problems, listening to nothing but System of a Down, or wearing nothing but tapered jeans, flat shoes, and Red Sox jerseys.


Renée said...

Grammarphile, I just recently stumbled on your blog and I love it. Now that I know that you are a fellow LOST fanatic, that love is intensified. Your blog is now on my daily "must visit" list.

gaila said...

Me thinks the Grammarphile is correct. Both the writer and Reverend Wright can use a good bolt from the divine blue. Leave it to an ex-pastor to confuse biblical prophecy with the notion of karma. Rev Wright couldn't be more WRONG! And somebody needs to show that writer where the Tools icon is screwing up "sow" or was that "sew"? Write On, Grammarphile!


Thanks, Renee--you rock! :) Looking forward to tonight's episode of Lost? I sure am...although I do hope Sawyer gets some face time and that the focus isn't all on Jack and his stomach/appendix issues!


Thanks, Gail! Glad your comment finally went through (and that I'm coherent enough to respond)! ;)

gaila said...

Oops, my bad, the Tools icon doesn't check for hononyms. Wellll...anyway I LOVE the humor on this site! :) Thanks Grammarphile. I intend to check back often.