Monday, March 24, 2008

Post-Easter post #2: Who wants to join me in hell?

As if I haven't already made enough mischief to reserve my very own seat in hell*, during the final few hours of Easter 2008, I drove past a church, noticed that they managed to spell resurrection incorrectly, thought I must be going crazy (because what church spells resurrection incorrectly on EASTER?!?), drove past again, confirmed that resurrection was indeed misspelled on the sign, and then parked erratically along the side of the road, jumped out of the car, ran over to the sign, snapped a picture of it, giggled hysterically, and was totally surprised that lightning didn't strike my snarky ass down on the way back to my car.

If you ever wondered what heathen Grammarphiles do on Easter, well, I guess this is what we do. Oh, yeah, and we also eat Peeps. Lots of Peeps. And Cadbury creme eggs.

* If hell exists. Remember, I'm agnostic, so I'm not quite sure about hell's existence.


Suzie said...

Hahaha, I would've done the same, Nikki! That sign makes me laugh even harder than church signs with bad puns! Of all the words to misspell...:)

Kim said...

Creme eggs rock!

JD said...

Hell's existence doesn't depend on your belief in it. Well, I hope so, or we might all be in trouble!

At least you didn't smite the sign or anything.

The Grammarphile said...

I have a very head-in-the-sand approach to Hell: If I don't see it (or believe in it), it can't possibly exist, right? :) Flawed logic, indeed, but it's better than wondering what Hell is like *if* it exists. (I'm pretty sure Hell involves tons of misused semicolons and loads of homonym errors. Yikes!)