Monday, March 24, 2008

Post-Easter post #1: Meet Pat the Bunny!

It's finally springtime! And with springtime season! My favorite season! And it's Pat the Bunny's favorite season, too!

Pat the Bunny is my adorable Phillies bunny, named (of course) after the Phillies' magnificent* left fielder, Pat Burrell. Pat the Bunny has sat on my desk at every job I've had (at my last job, where there was a severe shortage of Phillies fans, fans of other baseball teams would swipe Pat the Bunny out of my office when I wasn't there and would then hold him for ransom).

So Pat the Bunny and I were having some Easter jellybeans at work, and we noticed that there was (gasp!) a grammar error on the bag of jellybeans! At least we think it's an error. Either that or the plant in which these jellybeans were processed has processed only one peanut as opposed to multiple peanuts. (The grammar error didn't stop me and Pat the Bunny from eating the yummy, sugary jellybeans, though!)

On a semi-related note, baseball season starts in like a week. Yay!!! Plus, I'll be creating my first fantasy baseball team this year. They're going to be called the BILFs. I couldn't possibly be more excited about this. :)

* By magnificent, I mean "he has a sweet ass."


JD said...

I don't think it's an error - your bag is referring to the uncountable substance 'peanut' rather than the countable noun 'peanuts'. After all, the peanuts may be all mushed up into 'peanut' before they ever reach the plant.

Nice bunny, by the way.

The Grammarphile said...

Good point. Yes, that's definitely a possibility--although I still think it sounds odd phrased that way.

Pat the Bunny says thanks for the compliment! :)