Monday, March 3, 2008

Hey, Texas and Ohio: Don't fuck it up at the voting booths! (2 of 3)

I'm thrilled to say that I don't notice grammatical errors following Senator Obama around nearly as much as I see them hanging around Clinton--yes, I know that "Change we can believe in" ends in a freakin' preposition, but (for once) I'm willing to deal with it because "Change in which we can believe" sounds waaaaaaay too stuffy for Obama's campaign.

Here we have not so much a grammatical mistake, but just a...perplexing mistake. I don't get it, you guys. What's that homes supposed to be? I can't figure it the hell out. But it's definitely not supposed to be homes. That don't make no sense, y'all. So if anybody can give me a clue on this one, I'm all ears...

Thanks to MAGGIE for spotting this one!

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Donald said...

Probably meant to say "hopes"