Monday, February 18, 2008

Whose grammar error is that?

I love that MAGGIE sent this picture because it ties in to a story I have from the weekend. I was at a winery with the GRAMMAR STUD and had consumed half a bottle of wine, which is really a lot for this 100-pound Grammarphile, and as I was stumbling out the door of the winery, I passed this plaque on the wall. It was something written by the owner of the winery about how his mother had inspired him to create this winery, blah blah blah, but somewhere in there he included the word "who's" when it totally should have been "whose." And so in my not-so-quiet drunk voice, I turn to the GRAMMAR STUD and say, "Well, he could have AT LEAST gotten the right form of WHOSE," and GRAMMAR STUD starts snickering and trying to convince me that the plaque was a very nice gesture toward the dead mother, and I'm saying (loudly) how it would have been an even nicer gesture if it had been written in a grammatically correct manner, etc.

This, folks, is what happens when you get this Grammarphile drunk. I don't get so hammered that I forget my mad grammar skills. I just flaunt them loudly. VERY loudly.

Thanks to MAGGIE for sending in this picture that reminded me of my drunken grammar-related rant (I didn't have my camera with me at the winery to take a picture of the plaque that inspired me to rant, so this picture is the second-best example of the type of who's/whose type of error that I freakin' LOATHE.)

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Suzie said...

Haha, that's awesome. I've been dead sick for the past week and a half and during that time I've realized that my spelling and grammar nazi-ism is still just as rampant as ever -- quite a happy discovery! :D