Sunday, February 24, 2008

What Grammarphiles do NOT look for in a mate...

Hmmm, am I a weird girl for saying that one thing I look for in a mate is decent grammar/spelling skills?

I'm not saying guys have to have perfect grammar and spelling, but for goodness' sake, dating someone with decent grammar and spelling is a must. At least for me. (Yes, I know--I'm a nerd.) In the past, I've not had the best track record with this sort of thing. There was one guy I dated several years ago who had the most horrific spelling ever, and his misspellings were always very ironic. For instance: he'd proclaim he was smarter than everyone, yet he consistently misspelled the word genius (he spelled it genious every time--it seriously made my brain hurt to see that). Ridiculous was another thing he always misspelled--he always spelled it rediculous, as in something that is diculous over and over again, which is funny because there ain't no such word called diculous in the first place. Ugh.

I'm willing to deal with having to hear a few prepositions at the ends of sentences (I'm not a total grammar nazi, you know!), but I'm sure as hell not willing to deal with shit like homonym errors, consistently crappy grammar, and retarded spelling mistakes. Or typos. There's no excuse for certain typos. Like above, I can see why maybe the author didn't catch live when it should really have said love, but initive? That's just as much of a word as diculous is. And when I say "just as much a word as diculous," I mean "not a fucking word at all."

Gracias to KIM, our fabulous West Coast Correspondent, for sending in this example of What Grammarphiles Do NOT Look For in a Mate.

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mighty red pen said...

am I a weird girl for saying that one thing I look for in a mate is decent grammar/spelling skills?

Well, as a word nerd who has pledged life-long fidelity to an English teacher, I think it will come as no surprise that I think the answer to this question is absolutely not!