Friday, February 22, 2008

It's a slow news day here (#3)...


Okay, okay, I know that the person probably wrote "salad + roll," but it sure looks like salad troll. And since it's a slow news day in Grammarphile land, I'm going to act like it really does say salad troll.

What do you suppose the salad troll looks like? Does he have a wild, untamed mane made of bright green lettuce? Does he wear a necklace made out of cherry tomatoes? Does he expose his little troll butt to passersby? Does he hide under bridges, scaring billy goats?

On a semi-related note, I hate it when I see someone write "toss salad" on a menu when they mean "tossed salad." "Toss salad" is not a noun. "Tossed salad" is a noun (and can therefore be included on a menu). Arrrghhh.

Thanks to STEVE for sending in proof that this crazy creature called the salad troll exists!

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