Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What's my name again?

It pains me to include cute, brooding Joaquin Phoenix on this blog. I mean, I adore Joaquin. I absolutely LOVED him in Walk the Line and thought he made a brilliant Johnny Cash. And Joaquin just has this very interesting mysterious way about him. I dig him. And so I hate, absolutely HATE, myself for having to write about him here. But there's no way I could have ignored this spelling snafu.

I love that for his award acceptance "speech," he was "speechless" (because the writers were on strike, thus nobody had written his speech...get it?) and showed his speech--written out on cards--to the camera. That's so cute and clever. However, the fact that he or the person who wrote the speech-on-cards managed to misspell his name is NOT cute or clever. (Okay, I can maybe see how someone-who-isn't-Joaquin could misspell Joaquin, but I'm floored that nobody caught the mistake before he started holding up the cards. But if he misspelled his name himself, there's no excuse for that.)

I guess this is proof that they really do need those writers back...along with the proofreaders and copy editors!


Anonymous said...

It might be possible that he was trying to be funny and meant it to be understood as "I'm jokin'".
-No, not terribly funny, but perhaps demonstrating why he needs the writers. ;)

The Grammarphile said...

Good point. Before I wrote this post, I considered the idea that he might have been joking and making a cute little play on words, but then I figured that if he was actually joking, he'd have done something definitive to indicate that it was a joke, such as writing one of the following:

I'm "joaqin'"

I'm "joaqin'" ;)

If he'd added an apostrophe to "joaqin" as a play on the word "jokin'" I could totally buy that it was indeed a joke. Same deal if he'd added some cheesy emoticon-type smiley face. But it's not obvious whether he's actually making a joke or not, which means (as you said) the joke wasn't exactly *funny*.