Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Soliciting for grammarlicious birthday gifts...

Soooo...I turn the big 2-7 on the 27th. And what better birthday present could you possibly give me* than the gift of bad grammar? Click here to send me pictures of bad grammar, heinous misspellings, and punctuation snafus! If you send me something good (and by "good," I mean "so poorly-written that it makes me want to gouge out my own eyes so I never have to look at such grammar wickedness ever again"), I'll love you forever and ever and ever...or at least for the duration of my birthday. ;)

* A few things that would be better birthday gifts than the gift of bad grammar: the Phillies winning the Series in '08, Allister coming back from hiatus and recording another amazing album, a Savannah or Bengal cat, Barack Obama becoming our next President, and/or my own island to escape to when everybody else's shitty grammar is too much for me to handle. If you can provide me with any of these things, that would seriously be super-hot.

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