Sunday, January 27, 2008

A pluralization problem and a mini-rant...

Q: What does a popular late-night talk show host have in common with Britney Spears?

A: Recently it's come to light that they both must have multiple personalities, as evidenced by the fact that a) Britney Spears is f'in crazy and talks about herself in the third person (sometimes even in a British accent!), and b) David Letterman is no longer singular, but...plural. Lettermen.

On a semi-related note, I'm pleased that I finally have an excuse to mention the fabulousness that is Barack Obama. I'm so freakin' impressed by him. Finally, a Presidential candidate that can get us young'uns excited and motivated. Finally, someone who wants to change the way things have always been done and implement ideas that are logical and beneficial. I'd say Obama is the next Kennedy, but for that to be the case, we've gotta get him into the White House first (and then keep him the hell out of Texas).

If you aren't sure for whom to vote in the primaries, I urge you to go read Brad Listi's latest blog about why Obama is the right choice for the Democratic nominee. (I was already convinced before I read this blog entry that Obama was the right choice, but now I'm even more convinced.) For those of you (like myself) who used to be bored by politics, I assure you you'll become un-bored by them when you read his work. I've been reading his blog for a while, and it's gradually made me become much more well-informed and excited about politics (plus it's always well-written, well-researched, humorous, and grammatically correct). Go. Now. You'll dig it, I promise. And in the meantime...Barack the vote!

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