Monday, January 14, 2008

Me gusta Obama! (No me gusta Clinton.)

So it looks like Mrs. Clinton's decided to quit harping on Obama's "lack of experience as President" and instead figured that it would be an absolutely brilliant idea to compare Hispanic people to foodstuffs. Bravo, Hillary! *rolls eyes* (Reason #1,876,329 why I think Obama's the best choice for President: He's not running around comparing people of different races than his own to Qdoba fare.)

But just as bad as Hillary's ridiculous comment is the completely retarded misspelling of the term "Ay caramba." I used to watch The Simpsons a lot, so I was quite familiar with that phrase (thanks to Bart), and I was 99% certain that "Ay caramba" had no letter i in it anywhere. So when I saw this news article today, I asked my friend and co-worker ELISA, who speaks beautiful, fluent Spanish, how exactly one would correctly spell "Ay caramba." And she confirmed that (as I suspected) there's no i in "Ay caramba."

So not only does Hillary go and insult the Hispanics, but then a Very Well-Respected News Organization misspells a simple and common Spanish term. D'oh!

For more language-related snafus coming out of the Clinton team, check out this post.

And Hillary's not the only Presidential candidate doing goofy things these days. Look, Dilbert wants to be President, too!



JD said...

Clinton doesn't just compare Hispanic people to foodstuffs, she compares non-Hispanic people to foodstuffs too (the former being guacamole, the latter being chips, or vice versa...)

The Grammarphile said...

True dat. So which race does she think is the chips and which is the guacamole? I haven't gotten to the bottom of that question yet...