Monday, January 14, 2008

"I'll take Martha over there for $80 instead of the usual hundred..."

You know it's bad when I've gotta bust out the BLACK ink on here because all the shitty writing's already in red and I can't possibly get my cute little proofreading marks confused with that awful red text.

Even better than the lack of proper apostrophization in the name of the contracting company (it should be Zach's Contracting)...and, unbelievably, even better than the "Seasosonal Specials" (whatever the hell those are), is the fact that Zach is offering "20% Off All Senior Citizens," which leaves me wondering:

a) exactly which part of a senior citizen makes up the 20% he's taking off each one (I hope it's the appendix or something equally useless), or

b) if he's selling the senior citizens at a 20% discount.

Either way...YIKES!

1 comment:

JD said...

Not to mention no spaces in 'Building,&' - nice...