Sunday, January 27, 2008

If this doesn't make a great case for home-schooling, then I don't know what does...

The above picture is going to give me nightmares. Lots of nightmares.

It wouldn't be so scary except that it was written by a teacher and distributed to the parents of the children in her class. (If I were a parent whose child is in that teacher's class, I'd be yanking my kid outta there and home-schooling him or her faster than you can say "grammarphile.") I mean, the person who wrote this actually gets paid to teach kids. I hope she's a math teacher and not an English teacher, or these kids are DOOMED.

Let's break it down:

a. There are TWO homonym errors here. She screwed up a you're/your and a there/their.

b. We have an "also" and an "as well" in the same sentence. I'm sure that there are sentences you could create that have both words/terms in them and the sentence actually works, but that's not the case here. It's like she went to the Department of Redundancy Department for help writing this sentence.

c. And then there's the awful sentence that contains the word "order" a whopping four times. There are a hundred more succinct ways that sentence could have been written, but I suppose we can't expect too much from a teacher who screws up her homonyms.

Huge thanks to LIZ, a friend-by-association, who found this fantastic (albeit horrific) picture. LIZ and I apparently have a lot in common: we're both very blunt, we get really annoyed at stupidity and/or stupid people, and we're both really amused when something happens to make her boss turn a million different shades of pink and red!


Anonymous said...

Reason #437 why I home school my kids.



Greg & Laura Stephens said...

Wow! That is really bad!

JJD said...

Near the top of the passage, is that "scholastic," the innocent adjective, or an uncapitalized "Scholastic," the publisher?