Saturday, December 29, 2007

Look out--don't step in this steaming pile of grammatical feces.

Back in college during our English 404 class, my dear friend MEGAN and I used to joke about certain people's senior theses really being more like senior feces. And now, four years later, she's brought more feces to my attention.

Whoever wrote the above is an apostrophe-crazed lunatic. He or she terrifies me. The writer is also somewhat psychotic about his or her hyphens, inserting them in lots of places where hyphens really don't need to be (yet also not inserting them into places where they need to be, as shown by the lack of hyphenization in the subheading). Yikes. The singularization of Starbucks also scares me (is there only one Starbucks out there? I think not...). The random capitalization of beverages (which are NOT proper nouns) is also mildly frightening. (And isn't "root beer" two words and "milkshake" one word?)

Big thanks to MEGAN for sending in this picture! You can check out her lovely pottery at

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Anonymous said...

Not to mention that it is really hot "Toddy" or "Toddies" rather than "totties."