Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dickin' around with grammar.

Normally I don't include full articles with these postings, but I couldn't resist showing this article off in its entirety because, really, this book looks pretty damn funny. And it's also a little frightening. However, I do wonder exactly what thing of yours it creeps out (your delicate sensibilities, perhaps?), since it doesn't quite say in the article.

KIM, thank you--without your stellar contributions, this blog would be G-rated, and that would be so boring!


mermaidswheel said...

Usually, I do not argue with your grammar genius, but I think I may need to for this one... The sentence chunk you've underlined comes from a sentence with prepositional phrases. If you take said phrases out, the sentence works as written: "If the thought creeps you out, you may want to save this one." There is a plural issue in the prep phrase though: "of watching your father or brother complete the photos with their God-given talents." It would only work as written if you changed the 'or' to an 'and.' Love you, babe!

The Grammarphile said...

Meg, I like your suggestions (and love all the grammar geekery talk, hehe!), but I think the main problem with the chunk I've underlined is either a) the writer used "your" instead of "you" or b) the writer meant to write something else after "your" and before "out" (like "creeps your ass out," or something like that). Had the writer used "you" instead of "your" in this phrase OR included some word that made sense after "your," this writing would be passable. ;)

mermaidswheel said...

Bah! Your genius has blinded me again... or I'm a twit... or both. I read too far into your correction to see the actual problem. Again, twit.