Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Another gem from Craigslist.

Okay, first of all, what exactly is "easy-going writing work"? That sounds quite...careless. I'm guessing it involves writing much like the writing displayed in this ad on Craigslist.

"I am 22 year old female." I am caveman! I not know what hyphens are!

"ect" Eeek! I am NOT willing to believe this is a typo. There are so many people out there who write "etc" like "ect"--or, just as annoying, say "eck cetera" when what they really mean is "et cetera."

"young-female" Okay, so she didn't hyphenate the words "22-year-old" above, but DOES hyphenate "young-female"? I'm officially baffled.

Love the misspellings of "opportunity" and "definitely."

I wouldn't be so evil and snarky about this except that it is, after all, written (very poorly) by someone who is attempting (probably unsuccessfully) to use her [lack of] writing/editing skills to earn some money. She should know better. Yet...she doesn't. Oh, the irony.

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