Friday, November 23, 2007

A very spicy homonym error.

Okay, I know I'm hard on folks who make homonym errors. I know I'm pretty awful toward them. But I'm going to be more awful this time because I've never seen a homonym error like this one. You know, the kind of homonym error where a country gets confused with something edible.

Just in case anyone's curious, Chile is a country. Chili is something you eat. You'd think the esteemed news organization who wrote this thing would know better. (They didn't. Obviously.)

I used to report the news on the air for a radio station. I may not have been able to pronounce a lot of the French-Canadian hockey players' names, and I definitely had trouble correctly pronouncing the names of some of the dudes and places over in Iraq, but I could totally spell those things. Not that that mattered on the radio, but still. When I wrote my news broadcasts down, they were spelled flawlessly. And I've gotta say that spelling stuff like the Abu Ghraib prison or Marty Brodeur (BEST. GOALIE. EVER!!!) is a little more challenging than the simple, five-letter Chile.

One thing that I learned from this article, though, is that someone from Utah is a Utahn. I saw the word "Utahn" and thought, "Oh, what the hell? The Chile/chili people are making up words now, is that it?" But then I looked it up. And apparently Utahn is an actual term. You learn something new every day, huh?

Muchas gracias to Laura Stephens for sending in this amusing (and educational) article!

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JD said...

If someone from Utah used the freeway in Germany, he or she would be a Utahn on the Autobahn.