Wednesday, November 7, 2007

This is a grammar a box.

The look on Pat Boone's face here says it all. (Lucky for you, you just have to see his face. The article KIM sent me had the naughty bits included. And they are not impressive.) The look on his face says:

"Omigod, you moron, it's where, not wear!"

Later on in the article, there's a misspelling of the word ridiculous, which is a ridiculous thing to misspell in the first place. I see this misspelling all the freakin' time and I hate it. Hate, hate, hate it. When I see re at the front of a word, I often think of the word retarded, which is one of my favorite words. I love calling things retarded (except, of course, people who are actually retarded; they are special). And this is a retarded misspelling. A retarded, ridiculous misspelling. In fact, a misspelling like this is so retarded and ridiculous that I'm coining a new term for it, named in honor of this article: it's redickinabox. (Yeah, that's right. I made up a word. It's a Grammarphile's right, you know.) So there you have it.

Gracias to our kickass West Coast Correspondent, KIM, for sharing this redickinabox-ness with us!


Elisabeth said...

I've seen retarded spelled retarted so many times.

The Grammarphile said...

Elisabeth, after reading your comment, I have to admit that I went back to my post and was frantically searching to see if I'd spelled one of my retardeds like retarted. You got me paranoid for a second there! :)