Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Spam: it's not just an unidentifiable substance in a tin can...

I think I've mentioned before how much I adore it when grammar goof-ups come straight to my mailbox. Granted, it doesn't give me the same thrill as when I actually have to go hunt down these types of things for myself, but still, it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling all over. (It's the kind of warm, fuzzy feeling an evil little spider gets when it sees some idiot fly get all tangled up in his web.)

So we have a few things going on (or, more accurately, going wrong) in the spam that showed up in my inbox:

First, we have the random space after "Ok." I hate random space additions. Maybe other people don't notice this, but I always notice it, and it never fails to annoy me.

Next we have the spammer wanting to "advance you career" as if the phrase actually makes sense. I know, I know, the stupid spammer made a typo--I get it. But it looks retarded, especially when it's in the header of an e-mail that's supposedly going to dispense some brilliant career advice. (If I were in the market for career advice, there's no way in hell I'd take it from Mr. "Advance You Career" Spammer.)

And finally, the sentence just sort of drifts off at the end, totally punctuationless. I know that the spammer knows what a comma is, since he included one after the stupid random space after "Ok," but he fails to actually end his sentence with any appropriate punctuation (a question mark would work best here, although it's such a poorly-written sentence that it would still look awkward even if you throw a question mark at the end of it).

I love how one little spam-laden pseudo-sentence can get me totally riled up about grammar and missing punctuation and AWFUL, STUPID, ANNOYING EXTRA SPACES!!! (Yes, I feel very passionately about this issue. I'm a nerd.)


The Secret Drinker said...

How do you feel about ellipses at the end of sentences? I just thought I would ask... ;)

The Grammarphile said...

I totally dig ellipses at the end of sentences... :) Hehe.