Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Department of Redundancy Department aids in pangolin rescue...

Silly me--I thought pangolins were extinct. Apparently not. It seems that they were just on the brink of being turned into soup (weird!) until the Thai police rescued them and turned them over to the Department of Redundancy Department, who, for some reason, felt it necessary to put the word a in front of the number 100, when 100 doesn't need an a in front of it.

The "one" implied in the number 100 negates the need for the word a to appear before 100. If it read "over a hundred"--fine. And "over one hundred" is equally fine. And simply saying "over 100" would suffice just as nicely. But "over a 100" is retarded-sounding and unneccesary.

(Lest you think I'm a total cold-hearted bitch, I really am happy those strange little pangolins didn't get turned into soup.)

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