Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cue up the hickish banjo music for this one, folks!

Usually I find typos quite amusing. However, this is kind of a boring typo, especially compared to the subject of the blurb in which the typo is present.

Does anyone out there actually do this sort of thing? Or is this a total joke? Or is this just a total joke unless you live in, like, West Virginia, where they just might actually do this sort of crazy-ass ceremony and not view it as being really, really freakin' weird?

If you've married your critters, I want to hear about it. (And do you marry them so that they're in a monogamous marriage, or do you "wed that bull to the whole herd" and create an animal harem of sorts?)

Kudos to our West Coast Correspondent, KIM, for finding this crazy stuff. (I'd love to know where she found this, but I'm kinda afraid to ask...)


Beth said...

Perhaps this is what homophobes think that gay marriage will lead to: marrying your animals. To each other.

Megan said...

Hey now... don't pick on West Virginia! We're not that crazy here and we have enough stereotypes to live down without pet weddings! Besides, I can write better than an untrained-chimp. That should count for something, right? :)