Thursday, November 1, 2007

Better get your rubbers--here come the skanks, sluts, and "veneral" diseases...

There's a rather unique issue taking place in the blurb above.

Note the picture of the book. Its title reads Stop Dressing Your Six-Year-Old Like a Skank.

Now view the blurb, which refers to the book as Stop Dressing Your Six-Year-Old Like a Slut.



Similar meanings, but two different words.

I'm pretty sure if the author wanted her book title to include the word slut, she'd have placed it there herself. Clearly, she chose skank for a reason. And apparently the blurb-writer wants to re-choose the title for her. (Note: I like the blurb-writer's choice, slut, much better than skank. Slut is such a fun word. Slut, slut, slut! (Now I'm giggling.) But still, skank is the word that happens to be in the actual title of the book, although not that you'd know it from reading the blurb.)

Not only that, but the blurb-writer refers to her own name as sounding like a veneral disease. I think she means venereal...'cause I just pulled out Ye Olde Merriam-Webster's, and there ain't no veneral listed in there.

And while I'm being nitpicky, that one sentence should read "Everyone should be named with...". Arrghh.

Muchas gracias to our lovely California transplant, West Coast Correspondent KIM, for this one! Kim can kinda relate to one of the issues discussed in this posting...the last time we talked on the phone, I teased her rather mercilessly for calling a kitten a "pusskin." Kitten and pusskin might mean the same thing in Kim's mind, but they are two. Totally. Different. Words. And one of said words is made up. But I'll give Kim credit--"pusskin" is a cute and clever pseudo-word, and it's even a little charming to hear her say it!


The Secret Drinker said...

"Although we should add that their daughters looks smashing in that pirate whore costume."

Ok, is there more than one daughter in one costume? That's hot.

The Grammarphile said...

I noticed that, too, but I didn't comment on it because I figured I'd nitpicked enough. Thanks for picking up the slack for me! :)