Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Yeah, I have a heart made of ice. But you already knew that.

One thing I adore about Grammar Stud is that he loves cats as much as I do. And so when I need to be cheered up, he often sends me pictures of cute kitties because he knows that makes me smile.

So last week he forwarded me an e-mail sent to him by a co-worker; said e-mail included pictures of three adorable kitties. And as usual, they cheered me up. But even more than the kitties cheering me up...the homonym error cheered me up.

What exactly does it look like to see a family of cats wondering one's block? Are they pondering the existence of that block, or what?

Grammar Stud was surprised I'd use an innocent kitty-related e-mail here on this scathing website, but I informed him that anything somebody puts out there for the eyes of the public to see is fair game for the notorious red pen. (This counts, since his co-worker sent this as a mass e-mail to a bunch of people.)

So yeah, I posted part of an e-mail regarding poor, innocent, sweet homeless kitties. I'm totally heartless. I know. Nothing is sacred enough to avoid attack by the red pen. Not even little homeless kitties.

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