Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Who gave that redneck permission to make a sign?

This picture apparently has something to do with a celebrity lawn-mower in Texas. Sounds bizarre, yes, but since JUSTIN said it, I'm inclined to believe this bizarre fact.

Someone affiliated with the celebrity lawn-mower is clearly using their powers of redneck-speak to make a sign. It's a punctuation-less sign...there should be a comma between welcome and racers. And there should be an apostrophe in the word you're, between the u and the r and prior to the e that's supposed to be there but isn't because the moron spelled it "your" instead.

Hello, rednecks? Put down your pens. Slooowly. Back away from the posterboard. Walk toward your computer. Type in redpeninc.blogspot.com. Start reading. You'll thank me later.

Kudos to JUSTIN for this very amusing sign!

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